Built, tested, and designed for the Pacific Northwest in Newport, Oregon!


The industry is changing.  For decades, a surfboard included fins.  Even when removavble fins became the standard, they were still included in the new board.  Although some shops separated them and sold fins separately (sleazy tactic to fleece the customer), we made a point that they are part of the board when you buy it.

Well, many manufacturers are no longer shipping boards with fins.  The selection of fins has become too vast, and many constructions have just gotten too expensive.  I never thought I'd see the day of the $100 tri-set, or the $75 single fin, but those are now real prices.  Also, many boards are now built with 5 fin positions, driving the price even higher.

Here at Ocean Pulse, we were faced with needing to increase surfboard prices, something we haven't done in years.  So, rather than a straight price hike, we are offering a compromise:  We'll hold the prices, but will no longer include fins.  WE'RE SORRY...but we will always offer a basic fin or fins that will not break your budget. And we always carry upgrade fins in the latest constructions and templates.