Built, tested, and designed for the Pacific Northwest in Newport, Oregon!

Shaping Process

You won’t find a digital shaping machine here in my studio. Unless by “digital” you mean my fingers. An Ocean Pulse surfboard is the product of manual labor from start to finish. Sure, I’m using power tools sometimes (planer, sander), but they’re steered by my hands. It starts with templates and a pencil, then a handsaw, followed by planer, surform, and sanding. At the glassing shop my hands paint, laminate, hot coat, fin, sand, and finish the boards. I don’t hurry through it, and your board gets the same treatment as my own. When you see my signature on the bottom, you can believe it.

While it doesn't pay very well, I find plenty of other satisfaction in the craft. One of the really cool things about shaping now is that almost every design that has proved itself over the last 50 years is fair game. This is obvious when one sees the lineup shared by everything from the tiniest HP shortboards, to the huge old-school tankers and sporting fin arrangements from singles to 5’s. For the shaper with a historical perspective, this is fertile ground indeed. And at the tail end of all this, I often get the vicarious joy of seeing my creations doing their job under your feet.

If you’re an experienced surfer and know what you want, I respect that and you’ll get what you want. Working with an informed customer who understands design is great, and often I come away having learned a thing or two. Bring me your current ride, and we’ll analyze dimensions and rocker for a point of departure, or for a specific copy.

Less experienced surfers developing their skills, and beginners looking for the best board on which to advance need special attention, given their wide range of age, size, and needs. Together, we can listen and inform, cut through the hype and make sensible choices that will maximize your surfing fun.

If you are buying off the rack, we have a vast selection of boards both domestic and imported. Come in and see if we have the board you need. If you don’t see it, we won’t try to sell you one that’s not right for you, and you may even be advised to buy a board you saw somewhere else. We may be turning away business, but it’s best in the long run.  We believe you'll respect our honesty, and pass the word to your friends.

Big changes have hit the surfboard industry in the last few years, and sorting through it all can be difficult. There are more choices to be made than ever before. Come in ask questions and you’ll get honest answers.

See photos of the Shaping Process!

See photos of the Glassing Process!