Built, tested, and designed for the Pacific Northwest in Newport, Oregon!

Surfboards and skateboards from Ocean Pulse in Newport, Oregon

Ocean Pulse Surfboards was founded in 1989, after three years of "just for fun" backyard board-building met with unplanned success. The retail store in downtown Newport opened in April 1991, just as Newport Surf Designs closed its doors. Owners Tom McNamara and Greg Niles bring over 70 years of surfing experience to work each day. Their 20-year age difference provides a broad perspective on the industry, which is shown in the depth of products and services they offer to surfers, skaters and snowboarders.

The original Ocean Pulse surfboards are hand-made right here in Lincoln County by Tom. Every style of board that has worked over the last 5 decades is available, from tiny fish to massive tankers and guns. This is old school, one at a time hand shaping, and it is still the best way to get a truly custom board. Other brands on the rack include Lost, JS, McTavish, and a variety of brands from Global Surf Industries.

Skateboarding has always been a strong business in the Pacific Northwest, and Ocean Pulse has supported skating from day one. Some of the older crew will remember sessions on their double half-pipe at the old factory. Over one hundred decks are available, plus an impressive inventory of hardware and shoes. Only the highest quality equipment makes the cut at Ocean Pulse, where domestic, North American hardwood decks can still be found. Skaters from far and wide visit this area for the world-class parks in Lincoln County, and visiting Pros are a common sight.

It's supposed to be fun, as they say. That's how it started, and that remains the most valid reason for any of this. As the most complete Board Shop on the Central Oregon Coast, Ocean Pulse continues its long tradition of outstanding customer service. The owners and staff encourage all riders of any age or level of experience to check out their store and get acquainted.