Built, tested, and designed for the Pacific Northwest in Newport, Oregon!

Rip Curl Dawn Patrol 5/3mm Wetsuit

Rip Curl Dawn Patrol 5/3mm B/Z Wetsuit

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Essential Features and Great Value

The Dawn Patrol is for the surfer that wants a great wetsuit, without breaking the bank. Loaded with features way beyond its pricing level, this suit gives most other high end suits a run for their money. An absolute no brainer if you are looking to get into cold water, but are strapped for cash. The 5/3 Dawn Patrol outperforms every competitor in the same price range, while competing with suits double its price.


E4 Neoprene: The third generation of Elastomax Superstretch Neoprene. Lighter, Warmer, and More Flexible. The Dawn Patrol utilizes its E4 Neoprene in the shoulders, arms, and through the back. Along with a new pattern that provides a more ergonomic fit, the Dawn Patrol has never been stretchier!

Batwing System: The Batwing provides a barrier between your skin and the zipper, eliminating those cold water flushes and blocking entering water from hitting your skin.

Flash Lining: The Dawn Patrol incorporates the Flash Bomb's Flash dry lining on the chest panel.

Freeflex Neoprene: Rip Curl upgraded the Dawn Patrol's body this year by giving it Freeflex Neoprene, which has an amazing hand, and is extremely flexible and light.

Stress Point Taped: The 5/3 Dawn Patrol is Glued and Blindstitched, as well as Stress Point Taped. The Tape is added to key stress points and junctions to increase durability and flexibility. All the 5/3 Dawn Patrol Seams are Triple glued, and double stitched with a blindstitch, which only penetrates one side of the neoprene, allowing for high stretch, strength, and minimal water entry.

Seamless Underarms and Shoulders: Exactly what it sounds like, no seams on your armpits or shoulders. Maximizes flex and comfort, no more rash!

Mesh Skin: Smooth Mesh Skin Panels on the chest help insulate and absorb solar heat, as well as keep wind chill down.

S-Flex Knees: Super Flexible, yet ridiculously durable knee pads. These allow unrestricted movement while providing the more durable knee pad on the market. This year, Rip Curl added a panel of E4 Neoprene around each knee to allow for even further flex, and unrestricted performance.

Stash Pocket: Hidden key pocket between the batwing and zipper keeps your key safe, while keeping it off your body