Built, tested, and designed for the Pacific Northwest in Newport, Oregon!

Surfboard and Wetsuit Rentals

  • You must be 18 years or older, and be able to provide a valid credit card, or cash, for security deposit.
  • We will not rent equipment on days when the ocean conditions are not safe.
  • Rent for 3 days, and the 4th day is free.
  • Rent for 5 days, and 2 additional consecutive days are free.
  • If you rent a wetsuit and would like to buy the suit, or a new one of the same model, your rental cost will be deducted from the purchase price.


Item 4 hours 24 hours
Surfboard NA $20
Wetsuit $15 $20
Boots or Gloves or Hood (per each item) $5 $8
Bodyboard or Skimboard $10   $15
Basic Bodyboard Package (board, suit, fins, & boots) $30    $35

Basic Surfboard Package (board, suit, & boots)   

$35 $40

Premium Package (includes hood & gloves)



Please remember that we close at 6:00 PM each day.